terça-feira, 30 de novembro de 2010

I'm free from you

life is so rare, you know it is
love is so rare, you know how it is
friends are so rare, you know they are
it's so dangerous to be alone, you know it is

but i'm happy, i'm nice, i'm okay
and i'm free from you

you are the best guy for me, but you know you're no good
you are so high but here and i'm feeling good
you had the chance to be the best and you lost it
it's a better day, it's a hard way and i'm here to say

my day was hard, why did you call me?
my life's been so difficult, why have you done it to me?
my light has turned off and you're still here
freedom is mine and i don't wanna share it

for me, for me, for you i'm not here
for me and not for you, i'm not here for you

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