sábado, 31 de julho de 2010

My blues

there's a point right after life's limit
where you can't be and you can't get answers enough
there's a place through our air
where i can clearly see the sadness and something more there

there's a huge hope
and no fear nearby
and there's a little boy
who can't be both sides

where am i? please, tell me
'cuz it's been tiring not to get the superficial conclusion
even my parents haven't accepted it
the way i've been in confusion

please, make me better in a moment
and let me fail in another
but forget me when i'm overwhelmed
otherwise there will be a mess

over the mountains i found some confort
and in this south sand i can fly
or you give your hand
or you leave in this land

baby, i won't take your time
because i've got mine too
i won't change the way i move
look at the sky: it is blue

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