quarta-feira, 21 de julho de 2010

Things I need to tell you

that i want you, you know
that i kissed him, you also know
that i melt her, you still don't know
that i swallow those drugs, you know

let me go, let me go
what goes around, comes around, you knew
do it slow, do it slow
what i want, you don't know

please, be more than this
please, open the window
please, call me friend from now on
please, make me feel more than a person

that i realize it, you knew
that i asked you that, you know
that i search other guys out here, you still didn't know
that i maybe forgot you, you know by now

please, don't tell me to stop
what i want, i drop
what i want, i don't hide
but, please, don't tell me that i have to go, no

that i finished, you know
that i don't scream, you still don't know
that i feel sorry for us, you knew
that i love somebody else, you know now, right now

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